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VZPRO - ECM Motor Protector Reviews for the product - VZPRO - ECM Motor Protector (Back to product)
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ECM motors..

- 08/10/2017

So a variety of factors conspired to knock out my ECM air conditioner blower motor during the miserable wretched pit-of-hell Texas summer a few months ago. I had some vents closed (as I found out later, this increases static pressure which is bad for the motor), and also the power went out during a storm while the motor was running. What can happen in that situation is that as the voltage drops in a power outage, the motor starts drawing in more current to make up for the smaller voltage. The additional current can then fry the electronics in the motor control unit.

The motors themselves are almost indestructible, but the electronics that control them, on the other hand.... not so much. And of course you (normally) can't just buy the control unit, but have to buy a whole new $700-$1000+ ECM motor (and if you're not installing it yourself, add the service fees). Unless you get lucky and the 'thermistor' (sort of a built-in surge protector inside the control unit) on the power board burned out before the rest of the electronics got harmed. This a couple-dollar part and easy to solder in a new one on the upper, exposed power board.

In my case, unfortunately, the thermistors were intact but a fusible trace was burned out on the power board. The only times I read about this failure it was associated with one of the microchips on the control board failing into a short. And the control board is potted in a thick black goo so you can't even see if something burned out on it or not (and I wouldn't have been able to replace those types of components myself anyway). At that point I decided to go ahead and just replace the motor. New was $700, but I got a used one off ebay for $230. Installed it and had AC again.

However, I obviously would like to keep this from happening again. And as I found out while trying to diagnose + fix this problem, the ECM motors are exposed to line voltage all the time the breaker is on-- unlike the outside compressor unit that has a relay that turns the power supply on and off. This means the ECM motor electronics are exposed to whatever surges or problems that occur in your electricity supply whether the motor is on or off. And then you have the power-failure-while-motor-is-running issue. All this being said, the motor had worked flawlessly for 14 years. So it might have been bad luck or whatever.

But I heard about this device and figured if it does what it's supposed to $30 is very cheap insurance (compared to $1000 for a new motor!). It seems to just be some thermistors like the ones inside the control unit, but since you install it in-line before the motor, this device will take the hit first, sacrificing itself to protect your motor electronics. Also, when there's thunder outside I turn off the breaker to the AC unit.

Five Stars

- 01/16/2019

Great item to protect the ECM motor. Great price.

Five Stars

- 05/16/2017

Easy to install, just plug and play

worth the price

- 06/09/2016

had ac motor take a surge and go out had hvac tech come out and repair motor suggested to install a surge protector which he could order for around $100.00. looked on amazon found the exact same product he was talking about and i had installed in less than 5 minutes.saved alot of money..

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